Wednesday, December 15, 2010


William, Demitri Boon, Wilsonbidi

William The Phillipino Pare (Trainer) and Wilson

Sparring time-putting d,  and brother Wira.

Training time assist by Crispin and Elton-labang kubah  2timewinner

The Man and his hobby' from dreams to reality.

Well, breeding fighting cock (Ayam Sabong) is just my hobby, after a while it becames more and more interesting.After 8 years in the line proved that this HOBBY is the want i should mantain.

I'm started to expand, to set up my own small farm early 2005 in the year of Rooster at 15th mile,Lrg,15 Kampung Seratau, Kuching-Serian Road, 93250 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia. I'm started my High Bloodlines, the U.S. Breed which is imported from the Phillipines. Introduced by my friend William Teston,the Filipino Rooster Trainer through Mr. S.K.Wong the supplier of imported Game Rooster Farm, i was very happy for my New Bloodlines of the Game Rooster which offered me a reasonable price.

The good Bloodlines of my Rooster is taken from DVH FARM which is owned by Denillo V. Hinlo & WINSLET FARM owned by Dicky Lim. Both of them were former World Slasher Chompionship Darby and Excellent Breeders.

During every week & month end, i will spend my time at my Farm with my Cocker Friend & Breeder Team, and sometimes i will going to visit my Cocker & Breeder Team at Kampung Rayang, Serian talk about the beautiful, powerful, intelligent and lightning speed-slashing rooster.

The Cocker & Breeder Friend.

Edward Moss, Ronald Kanang, Jonas Ranyah, Micheal BJ, Moses Raung, Hollis, Dave & Adison Kumin.Crispin, Hardy, Demon.

Also from Kuching Ali Puntong, Jamie,Ah po, Awie, Pawi, Zul, - Abg Wahap, Jojo, Norman of Sri Aman, Paulus of Marudi. Mr. George & son Anthony of Betong.


  1. Bagaimana kami dr semenanjung ingin memiliki ayam jenis ni...

  2. salam utk teman sehobby,
    kami di swak memang senang sekali dapat stok, sebab dah ada farm, tak tahulah di semenanjung,kalau betul betul minat tu tentu ada jalannya. cadangan saya,kamu bulehlah dtg lawat swak pergi farm buat pemilihan stok.beli dan bawa balik.pakai belon cargo....semoga berjaya,,,,(kerna kami dah ada kirim ke Johor).selamat mencuba...